Director's note

"ECES was created out of vision, personal experience, knowledge, and the good fortune of working with creative and exceptional people who specialize in medicine, sports, education, technology, science, and psychology. Living and working in multiple countries on different continents, I have witnessed how culture, methods, and mentality effect the process of creation, development, and sustainability.

Sport has always been an part of my life, and working with elite sports organizations for many years made me realized how knowledge, talent, values, vision, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing times will sustain the individual or organization,in a highly competitive environment. My motivation for development, prevention and wellness comes from a career plagued with sports injuries and a lack of data, science and psychology within sports in previous years . The effects are devastating if you are ill equipped to adapt to the physical and mental resilience needed to overcome adversity. Our company works in a  holistic approach to ensure success in the physical, mental and emotional demands needed to improve and sustain."