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Our training process is built on the principle of individual development, ensuring each athlete receives tailored guidance. Skill and performance abilities are imparted progressively, adjusting complexity based on each athlete's level and baseline.

Our objective is to optimize performance and skill development dynamics, unlocking each athlete's full potential. With over 35 hours of training, athletes benefit from personalized attention, with a trainer-to-athlete ratio of 8-10 to ensure focused development.


    Our training program is designed to ready athletes for the challenges of the upcoming season. We focus on enhancing performance in tactical, skill, and technical aspects while fostering confidence and learning.

    Through functional training and periodized sessions, athletes develop task-specific skills, decision-making abilities, and heightened awareness. Our approach allows athletes to train like never before, pushing boundaries and unlocking their full potential.

    We prioritize daily prevention, recovery, and nutrition to ensure athletes remain at their peak throughout the training process

    Our approach hinges on Athlete Assessments, leveraging scientifically validated protocols to establish individual baselines in specific skill and performance areas. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we conduct Musculoskeletal and Biomechanical Assessments, focusing on soccer-specific movement patterns in both lower and upper body extremities. Our sports scientists meticulously analyze objective data to tailor training loads, unlocking each athlete's full potential effectively.

    Step 1: Establish a baseline through soccer-specific fitness, ergometric, and skill testing. Step 2: Employ data-driven science and technology to identify areas for improvement. Step 3: Develop individualized performance and skill programs based on assessment results, customized to the athlete's level and age.

    Beginning & End of Camp Evaluations

    Elite Training for Girls Of All Ages

    According to the Journal of Athletic training girls soccer has the highest incidents of ACL injuries compared to all other sports. Within soccer females are injured at a rate of 8.9 compared to their male counterparts at 2.6.


    Correct workloads - Athlete triad - Injury prevention Performance - Confidence building - Tactical - Technical ability

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    MSc. Pavol Hrnčiarik, PhD.