Additional Testings for Teams

Reasons why Clubs Evaluate their Athletes

    1. Talent Identification and Comparative Results: Identifying talent and assessing performance through comparative analysis.
    2. Injury Reduction and Prevention: Prioritizing mental health and confidence to reduce and prevent injuries.
    3. Grassroots Development: Focusing on biological and chronological development at the grassroots level.
    4. Age-Appropriate Training: Tailoring training methods based on exercise physiology and player development principles for ages 12-19.
    5. Dealing with Growth Spurts: Adapting training to accommodate growth spurts and meet the demands of modern soccer.
    6. Performance Monitoring: Monitoring improvement and identifying factors affecting performance levels.
    7. Compulsory Female Athlete Protocol: Implementing mandatory measures for female athletes due to high ACL injury rates and related factors such as the athlete triad, hormonal variations, and bone density issues.

Talent Identification

Performance Enhancement: Implement a diverse range of protocols focusing on power, strength, and isometric exercises across all movement patterns. This includes dedicated exercises targeting single-leg asymmetrical force outputs to enhance overall athletic performance

Biomechanical: Soccer-specific protocols focusing on mobility, stability, and injury predictors affecting key skills like change of direction, dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Fitness Test: Soccer-specific assessments measure fitness levels, maximum speed, and aerobic capacity.

Speed: Various speed tests specific to soccer assess factors such as strength, range of motion, balance, and asymmetrical imbalances.

Agility: Assessing change of direction with and without the ball evaluates decision-making and cognitive abilities.

Technical Ability: Skill protocols focusing on balance, coordination, strength, mobility, and technique are fundamental to on-field performance.

For All Sports


Step 1: Establish a baseline through soccer-specific fitness, ergometric, skill, and cognitive testing. This comprehensive assessment provides crucial data on each athlete's starting point.

Step 2: Utilize data-driven science and Artificial Intelligence to identify specific areas for improvement. By analyzing the results, we can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses with precision.

Step 3: Develop individualized performance and skill programs based on the assessment findings. Tailored to each athlete's needs, these programs are designed to optimize development and maximize potential.

Duration: Each assessment session lasts 40 minutes per athlete, with a total of 120 minutes per team (assuming 20 athletes).

Location: Assessments can be conducted either using portable equipment or on-site, depending on logistical requirements.

Purpose: These assessments serve as the foundation for talent identification and the development of targeted training programs, ensuring that each athlete receives personalized support to excel in their sport.

Athlete Assessments

Objective data offers invaluable insights, free from human error, into various aspects of athlete performance, including speed, biomechanics, cognitive function, skill ability, and fitness components. A significant challenge young athletes encounter in striving for elite performance is the impact of growth spurts on skills, speed, and decision-making abilities.

The primary causes of performance regression over time often stem from improper training loads and inadequate training models that hinder overall development. Growth spurts can compromise strength, stability, and mobility, consequently affecting other performance-related aspects if not addressed through appropriate and periodic training methods


Ael Limassol F.C Development Academy

We are constantly looking for
innovative ways to develop the
modern soccer player through our already successful professional Academy. ECES provide us with detailed specific assessments as to
continue our legacy of developing national and first team players.

Apollon Women's Volleyball

Our success as national champions comes down to the very last detail. Eces provided us with talent identification and  athlete assessments which determined our roadmap to success.

NX1 Sports

We are an innovative sports agency with a vast network of clubs and athletes spread across the globe. Eces provides us with an in depth analysis of athletes as to maintain our excellent talent identification process.

Isabella Cook Marquette Division 1

I am constantly looking for ways to better myself as part of my dream to play professional soccer. Eces has shown me in great detail what I need to do to compete against the best in the world.

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