Welcome to ECES - LIKE A PRO INC., where innovation meets sports excellence. Our holistic approach to athlete development and sustainability sets us apart. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, expertise, and solutions, we offer a comprehensive roadmap to wellness, performance enhancement, and talent identification.

Discover our Comparative Results, Reports, and Data tailored for coaches and athletes, empowering them with actionable insights. Elevate your game with our ongoing Support Training Program, focusing on Strength, Performance, and Injury Prevention. Plus, unlock your potential with our Talent Identification services, designed to spot emerging stars and nurture talent effectively.


Experience the latest in sports science with comprehensive performance and ergometric assessments tailored for Talent Identification.

    • Skill and Technical Ability: Evaluate soccer skills and technical ability.
    • Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Assessments
    • Cognitive Decision-Making: Analyze decision-making in various scenarios.
    • Speed and on-field testings (with and without the ball): Measure overall agility and pace, crucial for top performance.
    • Tailored Soccer Fitness Tests: Customized tests to assess physical conditioning and endurance.
    • Advanced Injury Prediction Technology: Use AI to predict and prevent potential injuries, ensuring optimal health and performance.

For All Sports


  1. Baseline Assessment: Comprehensive fitness, ergometric, skill, and cognitive testing to establish each athlete's starting point.
  2. Data-Driven Insights: Use of science and AI to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement.
  3. Tailored Programs: Customized performance and skill programs designed to optimize development.

Duration: 40 minutes per athlete, 120 minutes per team (20 athletes).
Location: Portable equipment or on-site.
Purpose: Foundation for talent identification and targeted training programs, ensuring personalized support for each athlete's excellence.

Additional Testings for Teams


    Musculoskeletal & Biomechanical Assessments


    Ael Limassol F.C Development Academy

    We are constantly looking for
    innovative ways to develop the
    modern soccer player through our already successful professional Academy. ECES provide us with detailed specific assessments as to
    continue our legacy of developing national and first team players.

    Apollon Women's Volleyball

    Our success as national champions comes down to the very last detail. Eces provided us with talent identification and  athlete assessments which determined our roadmap to success.

    NX1 Sports

    We are an innovative sports agency with a vast network of clubs and athletes spread across the globe. Eces provides us with an in depth analysis of athletes as to maintain our excellent talent identification process.

    Isabella Cook Marquette Division 1

    I am constantly looking for ways to better myself as part of my dream to play professional soccer. Eces has shown me in great detail what I need to do to compete against the best in the world.


    1 x Assessment

    Results + Data + Customized Training Program



    2 x Assessments

    View Improvements + Customized Training Program



    3 x Assessments per year

    Evaluate + Develop + Monitor + Customized Training Program


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