Our team of coaches and trainers are elite ex-professionals who are educated and qualified in developing the modern player. With a wealth of experience in development, improvement, and player selection, our preseason camp allows our coaches to work and focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual while creating new habits in the process.

"Our training methods allow U.S. athletes to visit our beautiful island and experience something unique. I was very happy to see them enjoy our camp and their stay in Cyprus. We will continue to provide the highest levels of training, nutrition, prevention, and support to all athletes in Cyprus. Athletes will feel the difference and be stronger, fitter and more confident by the time they leave."

Demos Goumenos
Over 350 League appearances
National Team
Technical Director and Head Coach of Soccer Schools

    "It was a great experience for the athletes who joined us for our preseason camp. I worked on various aspects such as technical ability, scanning, decision making while our aim was to improve their understanding and reaction to game like situations. I was very happy to see their improvement by the end of the camp as the athlete’s had managed to change habits and adapt to the intensity that is required.”

    George Chajigeorgiou
    Head Technical Coach 

    Awarded Best Youth Coach of the Year by the National Federation

    “Preseason camp is the foundation for the upcoming season. Our priority is to screen our athletes. In this way we find a baseline to determine the fitness workloads needed for our training. The athletes struggled to reach the necessary times in the beginning but gradually got fitter, stronger and more confident. The transition was what we were looking for. By the end of the camp, all our athletes understood the significance of nutrition,correct workloads, training, recovery, and work ethic."

    George Christou
    Head Sports and Exercise Physiologist of Player Development

    Coach Alex Kounenakis
    Alex is a full-time professional trainer who played professional soccer at the highest levels. Alex is a fully UEFA licensed trainer who works as a trainer and technical director for advanced professional youth development programs. He specializes in ball mastery, and skill ability training development. His expertise and knowledge is a great asset to our training program.

    Nick Kounenakis
    "It is highly important to have our college,youth, and high school athletes experience a preseason camp with sports scientists and high level coaching multiple times a day. The camp is challenging but very rewarding as your mind and body adapt to the necessary workloads needed for the upcoming season. Our camp gives athletes and their parents the opportunity to explore and experience this amazing island. We want them to see a completely different culture to which we are accustomed to in the U.S. and to gain soccer and life experiences that will better them as people and athletes."