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  • Dynamic System model
  • The Objective is to rationalize the dynamics of performance and skill development as to maximize the athlete's potential.
  • Volume, Time, and Duration: Work to Rest Ratio is important for injury reduction  &  to increase performance levels 
  • The Complexity of Training is determined by the athlete's level, baseline, and current development 
  • A Holistic Approach to Training                                                                    

3 Players - Creating Space & Turning in Tight Spaces

Boys and Girls Grassroots Development Training Program 5- 11 Yrs 


  • Technical Ability: Ball Mastery & Technical Ability
  • Tactical: Position Specific Training
  • Mental: Concentration, Competitiveness, Cognitive, and  Confidence Building through Training
  • Performance: Increase performance aspects according to growth spurts and age specific development components
  • Functional training - development of tasks, decision making and awareness through periodized sessions. 1v1 2v2 3v3.
  • Educate athletes on prevention, recovery, and nutrition.

1 on 1 Training - Reaction and Decision Making Skill Ability

Professional & Pro Development Clubs

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"Developing and training the modern athlete in accordance to the demands of modern soccer is a complex process which allows no time to waste. Dealing with continuous growth spurts, complex skill, decision-making protocols, and performance outputs means we have to be in control of our development through detailed training methods and accurate information"

Coach Alex

Our Unique Women's Training Program

" Women’s sports has the highest incident of ACL injuries. There is minimal or no support concerning the female athlete triad , growth spurts, and age specific development process. Studies to support the high rates of injury and mental health issues in female athletes are overwhelming."

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Winter Season Training 2023

$120.00 for 1 on 1
$75.00 for Group of 2
$60.00 Group of 3
$45.00 for Group of 4 or more



  1. Assessment $150.00
  2. Assessments $220.00
  3. Assessments $300.00 (Every 3 months)

Cyprus & Chicago

Training Programs

  1. Assessment + 10 sessions (20% off)
  2. Assessment + 5 sessions (10 % off)
  3. Weekly Sessions

Cyprus & Chicago